Giving the Americans some love

Happy American Thanksgiving to all Americans out there. I tend to go on and on about how proud I am to be Canadian, and how much I love Canada, so I figured it was time to send some love to our neighbours in the South. Americans tend to get a bad rep, especially when travelling, and there is a tendency to believe that Americans and Canadians don’t get along. So I’d like to start by saying that some of my best friends here in Lyon are American, and I don’t know how I would’ve survived this experience without them. Sure, some of them are clueless about Canada, and some of them talk with funny accents, but that just makes them more endearing, and a little bit more exotic than the many Canadian friends I’ve made here.

Last night we celebrate American Thanksgiving at Logan’s apartment, and it had everything a Thanksgiving should have: chaos, family  roommate drama, ridiculous amounts of food, every kind of wine imaginable, good friends and lots of laughs. Everyone brought a dish to contribute to our Thanksgiving feast, and we ate and chatted for hours, sitting wherever we could find room in Logan’s beautiful French apartment. It was so nice to be surrounded by the amazing friends we have all made over the past few months. With less than a month left in France for many of us, we are all trying to spend as much quality time with each other before we all head off on our paths – whether on internships in Paris, another semester in Lyon, more backpacking throughout Europe, or simply returning to wherever we call home for the reality of another semester of University.

American Thanksgiving feast with good friends.

So this [American] Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the friends I have made, and the many amazing experiences I have had with them on exchange. They have been there for me when I just needed someone to get my mind off home, to drink Belgian beers out of ridiculous glasses, to waddle home with extremely full bellies after yet another extravagant French meal, to climb the French Alps, to calm me when I finally realized that I will sometimes have to study/do homework, to get lost with in foreign cities, or just to share stories and laughs like we’ve known each other for ages. Thanks guys, you are all fantastic!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even if you aren’t American, cause I’m not, but I see no problem with being reminded to be Thankful for all we have in life, American or not.

Love to all,
xox, B.


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