Chocolate for breakfast :)

I’ve decided that anyplace where chocolate is an acceptable breakfast food is pretty great with me. I get breakfast served at the hotel I stayed at last night, and taking up the majority of my plate is a baguette with Nutella, and a mini chocolate croissant. Of course I put some fruit on my plate as well, but it isn’t nearly as appealing as the chocolaty carbs. The coffee is delicious and much needed as well.
Yesterday was a very tiring day, but I did arrive to Lyon safely, with no problems on the flights or with any of my luggage. I got to my hotel at 11:00, but couldn’t get into my room until noon, so I left my luggage at reception and wandered around outside. I found the Rhone, where there is an outdoor market set up on Sundays. I bought myself some fresh fruit and a pain au chocolat for my dinner later in the evening. Once back in my hotel I struggled with the shower for 20 minutes, finally getting the shower to run, but not figuring out how to drain the tub until after I had cleaned away the travel grogginess. I skyped home to Ian and my p-units (parental units, it’s a term of endearment, duh) which was nice to see their faces and hear their words of encouragement. Mostly they suggested I take a nap or two since I was beyond exhausted and grumpy. Other than a few naps though, I battled the jet lag and exhaustion and stayed awake until about midnight thanks to a few movies Ian had downloaded for me before I left.
Today is move-in day! Woo hoo 🙂 So hopefully everything goes well with that. I’m meeting the landlord at 10:00 and signing whatever documents necessary to make me the rightful owner to my own French abode. I’m also hoping to make it to school and/or the mall to get a few things done there. Hopefully it’s a productive day!
Xox, B

P.S. The picture is of the Rhone during my walk at noon. So pretty!



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