Packing day

Packing day is finally here. I think I have many of my loved ones worried by the fact that I am only starting to pack with three days left in Ottawa, but this is my trip and I have to do things my way. Even if it does land me in a heap of clothes and shoes and an inevitable meltdown when I realize there is not enough space in one suitcase for my entire wardrobe and other material needs  possessions.

Last night I had a few friends over for food and drinks to have one last hurrah before I officially leave the city on Saturday. It was nice to be surrounded by people who love and support me, and who are just as excited for my adventure to start as I am. They offered words of advice, such as: Don’t blog about the friends you meet in great laborious detail before you really get to know them… or better yet ever, because that might scare them off. Tanya offered great words of wisdom when she reassured me that if I hate it in Lyon, four months is really not that long of a time and it will go by quickly. There was debate as to the accuracy of her advice because some believed that four months could feel like a lifetime if you’re not having fun, but nonetheless. I know I won’t have to worry about that, because how could I not love four months being immersed in French language, culture and food!? Not to mention the shopping…

But I must keep on reminding myself that whatever I buy in France will somehow have to make it home with me, so maybe I should pack very lightly today and buy an entire wardrobe down there… Or I  could smarten up and rationalize that material possessions are not a great use of my hard-earned money when I could be spending it on fitting as many trips across Europe into four months.

Ok, I think I have procrastinated enough on the packing to do list. My packing partner in crime is still fast asleep upstairs, but maybe if I make enough noise searching for things to pack, she’ll wake up and we can make a day of it! I will post pictures of the packing process shortly…

xox, B.


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