Last day at work



Last day at BLG. One week left in Ottawa.  This summer has gone by so unbelievably quickly, I can hardly believe that in one week I’ll be saying my final goodbyes to friends and family and getting ready to sleep in my bed for one last time before leaving it (and everything else) behind for four months in France.
Today seems like an official end to the summer I have learned to love here in Ottawa. I was highly dreading the monotonous and long days of office work Monday-Friday, and was disappointed when BLG became my only option for summer employment when May finally rolled around this year. To my pleasant surprise, I have enjoyed my summer here immensely. I worked with very friendly and funny coworkers, and I was always busy. Yesterday the three summer students (Myself, Rebecca and Ellen) were treated to a pizza lunch as a thanks for all our work this summer, which was delicious, and highly unnecessary since we should be thanking BLG for offering us the job, and tolerating our quirks. In return, I brought in cupcakes this morning for my lovely mail room and reception coworkers to thank them for putting up with me and my klutzy habits. I am pleased to say that they were well received! I continue to be spoiled today, and feel very appreciated for the small contributions I made to the firm this summer. BLG, as is custom for all their leaving staff members, presented me with a water bottle, lip chap, and pen; all bearing the company logo so as to not forget my fabulous time here.

My summer spent outside of work was one of the best I can remember. I spent weekends at cottages, shopping with friends, and enjoying the company of my family, Ian, friends and Maggie(dog). I’m sad to see the summer go, but look forward to what Fall has in store for me. It is undoubtedly strange that I won’t be here in Ottawa to enjoy the changing of the leaves, apple picking, and wood-stacking at the cottage, but the opportunities that will present themselves in France are endless!  

I have one week left to enjoy in Ottawa, and I plan to do just that. I’ve got things to do, places to be, and people to see (something my Dad always says) before boarding that plane!


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